Shannon Sullivan

Welcome to
The Blue Heron Creates!

    Hi! I'm happy you are joining me here.  What is my passion? Interfaith spirituality based on eco-consciousness.  My nickname from my friends is the “Faerie Queene” because of my Celtic roots and my connection with nature and animals.  The ancestral traditions are rooted within me. 


    How do I express these connections? Song. Written Word. Poetry. Guided Meditations. Inspirational talks. Art. Expressive liturgical dance.


  Through my own personal spiritual journey of moving through ancestral wounds, depression, anxiety and fear, my connection and work with my own inner struggles has allowed me to move continually into a space of healing.  Through this healing, I hope to bring light into other's lives through inspiration. 


   I craft meditations, poetry, song and art into healing pieces of work that can assist others on their journey as well knowing that we all walk together.

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