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Career & Finance
Oracle Card Reading

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    Hi!  This is an Oracle Card Reading directed towards questions about Career & Finance.


    Ask 1 or 2 specific questions that you have about this topic as it applies to your life.


   You will receive a 15 minute personal oracle card reading as a video directed towards your questions. 


    It will be uploaded as a private video on YouTube and the link will be sent to you to view by email.


    The 15 minute video reading costs $45




    Please purchase the option below for $45 for the reading.


   Once you have paid, then fill out the contact form with your name, your email address and the one or two questions you have regarding your current situation.  You may also include any information about yourself that you feel is relevant.


   You will receive the video oracle card reading within 48 hours of purchase.


   How I Read:


    I use a combination of intuition, oracle cards, Reiki and spiritual guidance to put the video reading together.


 ***Disclaimer ***


    All the information in the reading is done with the intention to help guide you; however, I cannot tell you what choices to make in the end.  The purpose behind the reading is to give you intuitive information about the energies that are present and by doing so this allows you to make better choices for yourself. 

Career & Finance Oracle Card Reading

Thanks for submitting!

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