Trees! 10 Day Audio Course:
Connecting with Trees to Grow Your Intuition

    I've been making friends with trees since I was young. Listening to them through feelings and touch.  They have a language that is their own.  We can learn so much from them as spiritual teachers.  In order to hear them, we need to open to a connection that is beyond words, beyond human language. Instead, we need to listen with our hearts and feel with our senses.

   In this course, over ten lessons, I will guide us into learning how to connect to trees in this way. They can teach us how to live better lives with ourselves and those around us.  This course gives you  a way to begin that journey. 

Embark on this journey with me to meet your tree teacher.....

Learn how connecting deeply with trees can lead you into a deeper connection with yourself

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Free - Lesson One
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Preview track: Lesson Two
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Preview track: Lesson Three
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Preview track: Lesson Four
Preview track: Lesson Five
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Preview track: Lesson Six
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Preview track: Lesson Seven
Preview track: Lesson Eight
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Preview track: Lesson Nine
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Preview track: Lesson Ten
The tree of life
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Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Ten Day Audio Course Connecting with Trees to Grow Your Intuition

The 10 Day Audio Course is also available on Insight Timer if you would like to take it through the IT app.
Have a beautiful day!

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