Meditations, Inspirations, Poems & Stories

      On my own spiritual journey of healing and working through family, ancestoral wounds as well as life patterns, I have experienced shifts through guided meditations, imagery visualization practices and creative writing.

     I share these pieces that I have written and recorded with you. They are available for you to listen to, assisting you on your own journey of transformation.  For my guided meditation pieces, I use a combination of Budhhist practices, body dialogue, Reiki, connection with Mother Earth and awareness of our own personal guides that watch over us and weave these into each piece.

    The "Poems & Stories" are pieces I have written which are meant to inspire you and bring hope to you on your path.  Life can be filled with challenges. It is nice to be inspired so that we keep going knowing others are with us.

    I choose my topics based on the calling in my own soul to write them to share with those of you who resonate with the healing found within them.  Thank you so much for listening and for being inspired!

For Purchase

Guided Meditations and Inspirations of Nature Love and Peace Audio Album by Shannon Sullivan Spiritual Director

Guided Meditation & Inspirational Album
  In this album of guided meditations and inspirational poems I share with you imagery of nature, peace and love. I am inspired by nature's magic and wisdom and hope to share it here with you. My hope is that you find inspiration in these pieces as well to guide you on your path. There are 9 tracks on this album. It is available for $11.99

Single Audio Tracks

A Place of Healing Guided Meditation by Shannon Sullivan


Preview Track: A Place of Healing
Guided Meditation by Shannon Sullivan Casting Light on the Shadows Within Craniosacral Dialogue 60 Minute Digital Audio Download


Preview Track: Light and Shadow
The Lighthouse Guided Meditation by Shannon Sullivan


Preview Track: The Lighthouse
Guided Meditation Grandmother Ironwood Tree Spiritual Wisdom by Shannon Sullivan


Preview Track: Grandmother Ironwood
Guided Meditation Creating Opportunities out of problems by Shannon Sullivan


Guided Meditation Love's Gift by Shannon Sullivan Digital Audio Download


Preview Track: Love's Gift
Guided Meditation Finding Balance by Shannon Sullivan Craniosacral dialogue


Preview Track: Finding Balance
Preview Track: Turning Problems into Opportunities

Free Meditations

For the free offerings, I do accept donations to help support the work I do.

Shannon Sullivan John O'Donahue Poem For Courage Insight Timer
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Love Poem EE Cummings
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Water Blessing Ceremony Algonquin
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Raven Brings Light Story
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Guided Shamanic Journey
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Guided Meditation Reiki Healing Self Doubt
Guided Meditation Navigate Our Emotional Compass Reiki Healing Shannon Sullivan Insight Timer
The Faerie's Kiss Inspirational Poem by Shannon Sullivan on Insight Timer
Shannon Sullivan Our Day As Sacred Guided Contemplative Practice Insight Timer
Insight Timer Audio Track Drumming to Connect with Your Soul's Wisdom by Shannon Sullivan
Insight Timer Audio track Poem Being Enough by Shannon Sullivan with Guided Practice
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Guided Meditation Audio Grounding Centering Focusing
Little Mouse Story by Shannon Sullivan
A Guided Meditation and Talk about the difference between being inspired by another and comparing ourselves to others by Shannon Sullivan
Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Celebrating Chaos to Find Peace Story and Talk
Letter of Compassion Shannon Sullivan Guided Meditation
Earth Drummer Poem by Shannon Sullivan
Guided Meditation with the Wisdom of Cypress Tree by Shannon Sullivan
People of the Fae by Shannon Sullivan Faerie Wisdom
Joy A Poem by Shannon Sullivan
Courage and Grace Poem by Shannon Sullivan
Cosmic Peace A Journey through the Heart into Freedom by Shannon Sullivan
The Doorway Guided Meditation by Shannon Sullivan
Hafiz Poem Little by Little Read by Shannon Sullivan
What Superhero Are You Talk by Shannon Sullivan Empath
Un Mundo de Luz guided meditation by Shannon Sullivan in Spanish
'Twas the Night Before Bedtime Story by Shannon Sullivan
Threshold Poem by Shannon Sullivan

Special thanks to musician, Chris Collins, @ Indie Music Box for providing music for each piece