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Music & Mantras

    Music and singing has been such a healing tool on my journey through life.  Using my voice to uplift others is a gift I love to share.  Allowing my soul to move through my body and connect with my voice has been a blessing for me.  I share these pieces with you here.

   Harvest Full Moon Song is a song I wrote with the intention to bring clarity to questions in our lives when the moon shines on in the darkness of night. I hope you enjoy!

   Mantras are repeated phrases made to be used as a way of prayer and shifting changes inside of ourselves.  They are from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

New Single - 2022

In Her Hands Single Lyrics Shannon Sullivan Music Chris Collins Indie Music Box Royalty Free

New Single - 2021

Om Namah Shivaya New Mantra Single

New Single - 2022


Mantra Album - 2020

My first mantra album is called Mantras for the Heart and Mind

Songs & Mantras

Insight Timer Shannon Sullivan Mantra Durga Goddess
Moonlight Mantra Blessing Shannon Sullivan Chandraya Insight Timer
Om Gaia Om Song by Shannon Sullivan
Happy and Free Lokashema Mangala Mantra Practice
Gayatri Mantra with Shannon Sullivan
Anusara Mantra Practice with Shannon Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan Insight Timer Ganesha Protector Mantra
The Light of Love Single Song by Shannon Sullivan Music by Seth Imming on Insight Timer
OM Ocean Magic Mantra Shannon Sullivan Insight Timer
Celtic Mantra Blessing Practice Honoring the Four Elements Shannon Sullivan
Om Hari Om Mantra with Shannon Sullivan
Heart Sutra Mantra Practice with Shannon Sullivan
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Harvest Full Moon Song by Shannon Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan Insight Timer Weavers of Light Song
Shannon Sullivan Insight Timer Music Song In Her Hands Music by Chris Collins
Green Tara Mantra Practice with Shannon Sullivan
Blue Lotus Mantra Engrossed is the Bee of my mind with Shannon Sullivan
The Story of the Heart Sutra Written by Shannon Sullivan
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