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Empathic & Empowered: From Surviving to Thriving

Being Empathic

Some common phrases an empath might hear are things like, "You're so sensitive," "Grow a thicker skin," "Stop crying," "Calm down." Ultimately, over time these phrases can seem as if we, ourselves, are the cause of our own problems or sensitivities.

However, as an empathic person, we discover that this trait is actually part of our own nervous system. Our nervous systems pick up on subtle changes in our environment, in the people around us, and we can feel these changes inside of ourselves even if they don't belong to us.

I might know when my friend is disappointed in me because I said "no," because I can feel the sinking feeling in my heart. I can feel if a business I walk into is having tension by reading the energy of the employees. I know when my sister is sad because I feel it in my stomach.

Closing Down & Shields Up

A natural response for empathic people who are unaware of their own sensitivities is to close down or back away from life. Getting by is about protecting ourselves and closing ourselves off from having to interact too much with the world.

I say that this is a normal response, but, who wants to have to survive life by not getting to be part of it whether or not we are extroverted or introverted. We still want to be healthy and happy.

Is there another way? I say Yes!

Opening Up More - with the right tools

Open up more? Craziness! I would've once agreed, but when we have the right tools and learn to practice them we can become as much a part of our world while at the same time taking care of our empathic and sensitive nervous systems.

Such tools might include learning how to tell the difference between our own feelings and the feelings of those around us and separating them. Tools like setting boundaries for ourselves and our health. Tools that work with our breath and our ability to stay grounded.

Building an empathic toolkit can turn us from being overwhelmed into being strong and empowered and knowing we can care for ourselves in most situations. We take our sensitivities as gifts and strengthen these gifts.

Upcoming Empathic Workshop 2022 on Insight Timer

July 11 - 15, 2022 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Arizona time

For More Information or to Register:

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Creating Joy for Ourselves and Others

As we learn about ourselves, our gifts, our sensitivities we can engage with life and begin to explore more. Being a light in our own life can then empower us to light the way for others who might be struggling.


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