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Grandmother Ironwood Tree's Sense of Humor

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Discovering Grandmother Ironwood Tree

Two years ago I was teaching a workshop to adults on the spiritual wisdom that trees have. During the class, I lead a guided meditation where each person attending was able to connect with a specific tree that wanted to share with them in that moment.

At the end of the workshop, one of my students shared with me a book he thought I would enjoy. It was Robin Kimerer's book Braiding Sweetgrass. He also shared with me about a local tree, we live in Tucson, AZ, called Grandmother Ironwood. She is known as that because of her age. She is dated to be around 900 years old. He gave me directions on how to find her, and I began to make plans on when I would go to meet her!

Meeting Grandmother Ironwood

A couple of weeks later, I made plans to drive out and see her. She lives about 35 minutes away from my home. Her home is in Ironwood Park. It is a desert park with many walking and biking paths where there is wonderful desert vegetation and wildlife living.

As I drove into the park I wasn't quite sure where she was located or quite sure how to find her. I made my way on the only road in and out of the park, driving slowly. As I came to the dead end and circled around, there was no question about who Grandmother Ironwood was. She stood there at the end of the road majestically. Her canopy shading the ground all around where a cluster of four roadrunners stood underneath her, eating insects that had come to the area.

She was as beautiful and amazing as I had imagined.

The Humor of Grandmother Ironwood

As a child, I loved climbing trees and well as an adult, I also love it. Sometimes it is not as easy though so I have to be a bit more mindful. I introduced myself to Grandmother Ironwood tree, touching her smooth, gnarled bark on her trunk.

I circled around her and noticed one place I might be able to safely get a foothold in and make my way up into her canopy. I tried twice with no success and then on the third time I was up and into the first nook. I just prayed I would be able to also get back down that same way.

As I sat in her branches, I began to realize the history of the land that she had seen over those 900 years. I couldn't even imagine what the land around us must have looked like without all the paved roads and back then she would have been a much smaller tree than now.

I said, "Thank you Grandmother for your wisdom, you are so old and wise." That is when she spoke up. If you think trees don't have a sense of humor, you might be wrong. Here is a video where I talk about our first meeting.

Gratitude for Our Meeting

As you can see, from the video, our meeting was quite entertaining and funny too. I always enjoy meeting new friends, which includes all types of friends human, animal, tree. It just takes learning to spend time with all of them.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Grandmother Ironwood tree. I go out often to visit with her. Time and life are precious resources and I pray that she is here on our land, our planet, long after I am no longer here.

I enjoyed sharing this story with you and if you are ever in Tucson, AZ and want a guide to take you to meet her, contact me through my website:

Look for Part Two - "Grandmother Ironwood Tree's Spritual Wisdom"

in the next blog post!

To Listen for free to my Tree Guided Meditation follow this link to my teaching page on Insight Timer:

If you are interested in learning to connect more intuitively to trees, check out my ten day audio class:

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