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Morning Meditations with Me & Hafiz

My Morning Practice

Part of my morning spiritual practice is to light a candle. The candle reminds me of my connection with my inner light as well as my connection with my higher self, my soul self, connected to that which is larger than myself. In this way I remind myself that I am the light that shines in this world.

Lighting the candle also allows me to name those people and places that need to be held in prayer whether they are friends and family close to me or people and places globally. As I light the candle, I name these people and places reminding myself to hold this in my heart that they may receive the blessings of love in a connection that goes beyond myself.

Hafiz, the poet

Another part of my morning practice is to read the poetry of Hafiz, a Sufi poet from the 1300's. His connection to the Divine and to Source transcended his time. He moved past the religious conventions and restrictions of his lifetime and connected with God through poetry, music, movement and laughter. He is both playful and serious at the same time and that is why I love his poetry.

I am sharing daily poetry morning meditations on my YouTube channel - Blue Heron Creates - where I share one poem of Hafiz each day that you may also enjoy the poetry of Hafiz. The practice is uplifting and nurturing to the soul. I read poems of Hafiz from the translations from Daniel Ladinsky, which can be found in his book The Gift.

I invite you to join this daily practice with me that we may connect in a loving and kind way to greet the day that in this way, we may also shine this light into the world.

Join me on the journey

I welcome you to join me in the morning practice and look forward to seeing you there! I am grateful that you have joined me here and can be reached through my website - for questions you may have about other services I offer as well.

Have a beautiful day!

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