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Om Gaia Om - My New Song

The Inspiration

What could be more inspiring than amazing mountain ranges worldwide, beautiful fruiting trees, moving clouds filled with rain, leaping dolphins and racing wild mustangs, the beauty of Mother Nature all around us?

I am always grateful and blessed by the offerings of Gaia and how she cares for all of us, people, animals, birds, plants, feeding all of us and sustaining us with her care and love.

I wrote this new song as an offering back to her and would like to share the song with you here. Which brings me to the second inspiration for this song. As a teacher on Insight Timer, I often am connecting with other teachers, artists and musicians. I happened to hear the song, "Simple Day," by Jason Barty. This is an instrumental beautiful song. As I listened to it, the words for the song I will share with you today, "Om Gaia Om," began to flow. As I sang the words and connected with the music, as sense of joy filled my heart. This same joy and music is what I would love to share with you today.

The Lyrics

Where to listen

There are two places available online to hear the song. One is YouTube where I created a video to go with the song. And the second place is the free Insight Timer app for meditation where my song is also posted.

YouTube - "Om Gaia Om" on my channel Blue Heron Creates

Insight Timer Meditation app

Many Thanks

May the song and the words fill your heart as it did mine. I am grateful to share with you here. And may your day be filled with blessings from Gaia as well.

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