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Singing to the Moon

Why the Moon?

Looking up into the sky at night always brings a sense of ah and wonder to me. The circling dance of the moon around us reminds me of the circling dance we, too, are doing around the sun.

And although we know much more about the moon scientifically, distance and composition, I would like to "look" at it more from a spiritual perspective.

The moon affects the pull of the ocean tides, the waters of life, as it circles around us. And as our planet is made of water, so are we. The same pull that the moon has upon the earth can also happen within us.

The element of water in eastern philosophy sees water as our emotional body. If you imagine that your own body of water is pulled by the moon as it cycles, then you realize that your emotional system can be affected by the movements of that which is around you. If you see the spiritual aspect of this, you realize then that the moon allows us to get in touch with the emotions that come up within us. The moon is a light into the darkness. Emotions can be filled with joy and light and pain and anger and darkness. The moon then becomes a flashlight of awareness into ourselves. She lights up what we can celebrate and enjoy and love. She also lights the places inside of us that are dark and need to be looked at so that we can make appropriate changes to our lives.

The Song

Two years ago I was driving home from work. It was the end of August. I was reflecting on what piece I would be writing for my meditation offering for our spiritual services at church the following weekend.

All of a sudden my voice began to sing, sing a song about the coming Full Moon that would be rising for September. I realized I would be doing the meditation for our service on the eve of the Harvest Full Moon. I was so happy that I would get to honor our sister moon and all the awareness she brings into our lives.

And so the Harvest Full Moon Song was born!

Sharing the Song with You

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to record the song and then turn it into a video. My hope that as I share the song, video and lyrics with you, that you are able to bring the light of the moon into your life to see where you find joy and honor those spaces in your life and to also see where there is darkness or difficulty in your life and through this light asking that these places be shifted and healed to align you on your most loving path.



There’s a Full Moon rising, rising high

There’s a Full Moon rising, big and bright

There’s a Full Moon rising, Harvest Her name

There’s a Full Moon rising, rising again.

Sometimes She speaks about the things

That make us scared inside,

Sometimes She brings up things of joy

Things we hold with pride.

Sometimes the fear that speaks in us

Is not always the truth,

Sometimes She shines a light on it

To heal us through and through


Sometimes she shines on what burdens us

Sometimes it feels like pain,

Sometimes She reflects God’s Love on us

Illuminating our souls again.


So, what’s it you can let go of?

And what do you wish to keep?

Feel the courage rise inside of you

The courage that sets you free.

The Video

Share Your Story

I would love to hear from you about what emotions, light and dark, you face and in what ways these emotions help you grow as a person. May the Moon's light bless you and watch over you!

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