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Trees Talk: Trees Our Spiritual Teachers

Communicating without Words

What if you were a teacher but didn’t have a way to communicate your wisdom with people because you had no words? How would you send your message? Our trees, all over the world, have messages for us to help us heal and grow into loving, kind and compassionate people for ourselves as well as for our friends and family around us.

“So how do they communicate?” you might be wondering.

Trees communicate with us through our senses. So what kind of listening is required by us? It requires us to move outside of what we normally perceive with our eyes or our ears. Instead we have to move into the perception of listening through seeing with our intuition, connecting through our body and our feelings.

Trees can show up in our lives to be with us during moments of joy and celebration as well as moments of hardship and struggle. If we pay attention to our surroundings by slowing and stopping to “listen” with our bodies, we will see that they, too, are friends standing at our side wanting to share as a witness in our journey.

A Story

I'm currently reading a book called Second Mountain by David Brooks. He shares a story about Viktor Frankl. Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist who survived the concentration camp of Auschwitz. He survived by staying connected to the people around him, by caring about them and connecting to them. While at the concentration camp, he met a young woman who had fallen ill and was on her deathbed. Viktor shares this story.

Viktor asks the woman how she is doing. She tells him this, “I'm grateful that fate has hit me so hard,” she told him. “In my former life I was spoiled and did not take spiritual accomplishments seriously.” She shares with Viktor that while on her deathbed she became friends with only living creature she could see from where she lay, the chestnut tree, outside her window. She said, “This tree is the only friend I have in my loneliness.” She told Viktor that she spoke to the tree. He asked her if it responded. She said yes, it said to her, “I am here. I am here. I am life, eternal life.” Connection with the divine through the chestnut tree gave her the peace she needed to face her own death. She was connected to something more than just herself.

Now if you do a Google search of these words: “chestnut tree spiritual wisdom”, you will see this information. Chestnut trees, spiritually, provide life-sustaining gifts representing new year, new life. They provide kindness to those are facing difficult times. So in the story above, the chestnut tree was a witness to this woman’s suffering and was a friend to her during her moment of passing from this world. She was not alone.

So do trees talk? I believe, Yes.

To Listen Inwardly

It isn't spoken, auditory words like people use.Trees speak through our spiritual connection with them. It is a different type of listening. It is intuitive. It is a sixth sense of feeling, of seeing with your inner eyes, hearing with your inner ears.

They carry our past and memories within themselves and bring it into the present and into the future so that we may live cooperatively with each other. Because they hold these memories we can connect with them to learn from them at all times.

Through this blog I will share more stories with you about how trees communicate with us. I hope that you have a beautiful day and are blessed with many visits by many tree friends.


Have a beautiful day!

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