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Zugunruhe! My Soul's Migration

"Remember always that the composer's pen is still mightier than the bow of the violinist; in you lie all the possibilities of the creation of beauty," John Philip Sousa


This is a German word, which is defined as the restlessness in migratory birds. As birds, who migrate, are called to their path, as they heed their inner call, they become restless knowing that they are to take flight and go on a long journey. The knowing lies within themselves. They listen and follow.

Our Soul

Just as birds feel this call, this inner knowing, we humans also experience this call within ourselves. The call comes from our soul and its connection with something greater than ourselves. This can be the Divine, the Beloved, the Mystery or our Higher Self. As this connection to our soul takes place, our intuition feels the call and begins to make our bodies restless to follow, just as it did the birds call to migrate.

Listening to the Call

It is one thing to hear the call from within. It is another to follow the call. To follow the call often times means going to places, or becoming someone we haven't been before. It is a new road or path that can be unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity can bring up fear within ourselves, our minds and our bodies, causing possible anxiety. Why would we go somewhere we haven't been before if we can't even see a path forward, we only see one step at a time. This leads to a feeling of vulnerability and the thought that maybe we are making all of this up in our heads. The body doesn't lie, however. The restlessness grows and calls us or pushes us forward onto this unknown path.

My Soul's Migration

In my new piece for Insight Timer, I explore this theme through a storytime, talk and inspirational poem. The link to the piece can be found by clicking on the photo to the left.

The story I share is from Dr. Michael Kinsey's children's book Dreams of Zugunruhe. It is a story about Artic Terns and their call to migrate. Dr. Kinsey has given me permission to share part of the book with our community in the Insight Timer piece. From this inspiration I wrote and poem, "My Soul's Migration," to explore how although the call can be frightening, it can also help us to earn our wings and fly to new places within ourselves.

The Unkown

The exhilaration we face flying into the unknown is a step into believing in ourselves and the knowing that something beyond our seeing is guiding us. As John Philip Sousa, the composer, said in his quote above, "the composer's pen is mightier than the bow of the violinist." If Spirit, the Divine, the Mystery of Creation is the composer and we are the violinist, to listen to the composer, to heed the inner call, we will be lead in our lives to places greater than imagined because we allowed ourselves to be lead instead of believing that we, individually always have the answer for ourselves.

Take Flight

Where in your life can you begin to take flight? Where are you inspired and called to whether a physical place or a spiritual connection? Explore these places within yourself!

Enjoy the poem "My Soul's Migration" at Insight Timer.

Thank you so much to:

Dr. Michael Kinsey at Mindsplain for sharing his book Dreams of Zugunruhe with us.

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