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Reiki Session

   Reiki is a session where we can connect by phone or Zoom.  We spend 45 minutes connecting for a Distance Reiki Session where we will focus the Reiki energy towards the area of your life where the energy will do the highest good whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally.  During the Reiki session I am also able to sense where you may have "blockages" in your physical or spiritual body that need direct work.  Each session is different based on what shows up to be worked on in that specific moment.

    The regular cost of a session is $60. 

     After making a payment, please fill out the contact form below and I will connect with you to schedule an appointment time. Once your session is scheduled, I will email you the Zoom link for our Reiki session together.

  **Disclaimer:  I am not a professional counselor or medical doctor and cannot give counseling or medical advice. 

Contact Me to Set Up Appointment

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