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Shannon Sullivan

Spiritual Director. Writer. Singer. Artist.

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Professional info

As a Spiritual Director, I companion people on their personal journeys through life where we sit together and listen to the wisdom discerned from your own soul's story.  I have been practicing for over 20 years.

As a meditation teacher, writer and workshop leader, I love guiding people into guided visualization practices based in energy medicine, craniosacral therapy and Buddhist practices.

As a writer and recorder, I create my own recordings bringing to life stories, poetry and guided meditations inspired by nature and my own personal journey through life.

Work Experience & Education

For detailed biographical history please visit my site at:

Artful Touch by Shannon

2010 - present
Creative Writing. Singing. & Recording.
2010 - present

All the written and recorded pieces on my site are original works.

My writing is lead through my connection with Spirit and my connection with nature to guide me into writing pieces that are meant to inspire connection within us all.

I have been writing from an early age

I have been singing for the past ten years

I have had the good fortune of learning to record my pieces in the last couple of years with the amazing help of the musician, Chris Collins,

at Indie Music Box,

who I am grateful for.

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