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Spiritual Coaching Session

          Spiritual Coaching is a session where we can connect by phone or Zoom.  We spend 45-55 minutes talking with one another about concerns you are having in your life, on your path.  Spiritual companionship allows me to ask you questions that will give you the ability to reach the answers to your concerns by guiding you into your own inner knowing or intuition.  I assist you in guiding that process.  This is a process of discernment and listening to your own wisdom.  Because many steps in life require time and nurturing, your concerns may not be concluded in one session. Instead, together we create tools for you to take the next steps on your journey.
       The cost for a session is $75

      After making a payment, please fill out the contact form below and I will connect with you to schedule an appointment time. Once our appointment time is scheduled, I will email you a Zoom link for our session together.

  **Disclaimer:  I am not a professional counselor or medical doctor and cannot give counseling or medical advice. 

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