Poetry, Meditations & Stories

     Writing is a powerful tool to open up what is inside of ourselves: our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our souls.  Each piece I share here with you is something I have created to inspire you, guide you, assist you on your journey, in the same way writing each piece has helped me on my path through life.

     I will also share links to those written pieces that are vocal recordings, bringing the poem, story or meditation to life through voice and music.

    My writing services are also available for hire! If you are a spiritual teacher, yoga instructor or healthcare practitioner and wish to add motivational poems and meditations to your website, I can assist you in writing pieces tailored to your practice.  I am also available to do vocal recordings for you as well.  If you are interested in collaborating, contact me at: blueheroncreates@gmail.com

I wrote a publication article for Spiritual Directors International called Calling Our Ancestors

Poem - A New Path Appears

Walking a new path on this spiritual journey
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Poem - Earth Drummer

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This is an image of my frame drum called Winter Solstice.

Poem - Threshold

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The image of being stuck.

Poem - Courage & Grace

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This is a photograph of my Grandma Paula Barletta in New York.

Juniper Tree's Wisdom

Poem - Winter Solstice

Poem - Ironwood Tree

This is a photograph of Grandfather Juniper tree in Prescott Arizona.
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Winter Solstice image
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This is a photograph of Grandmother Ironwood tree in bloom in Tucson Arizona.

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